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This is the place to do it! Expose your efforts! Please describe your car and all the mods you’ve done to it to make it your SPECIAL RIDE!! Please also submit nice pics of your car, and we will show these on our site.
  Old but beautiful!

1970 240Z
5-9-2002 - by Eric Jennings
My Z love affair started early on in life. My family's only means of transportation when I was young was a '73 240. Dad had a custom seat made for the hatch that rested on the rear shock towers. I was a perfect fit. Although a little beat up that car still sits in my garage to this day.

I picked this car up in Roanoke, Va. about ten years ago from a guy who was ready to sell it in exchange for an '84 Corvette. Go figure. The car, which is a 1970 240Z, sat in my garage for seven years before I decided to have it restored. Three years later this is just about the finished product. The only modifications include a 2.25" exhaust attached to a jet hot-coated header and a five-speed transmission.

All else is factory. I got lucky and found a small local junkyard that specializes in Nissan parts. The man who owns it had two sets of original "D" hubcaps that had never been used that I quickly snatched up. Originally from Los Angeles, CA., it somehow made it to the east coast 15 years ago and has been garage kept since.

I really have no short-term future plans for this car other than to drive it on nice sunny days.

Eric Jennings
Roanoke, VA.

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