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This is the section where you can show the modifications which you have done yourselves to your car, and help others to cut on their costs by doing the mods themselves. If you were able to make some nice detailed pics while placing the part, or the tips & tricks how you did the mod, please send these also and put some words to it. Send this and make this a nice helpful feature on this site. Maybe the mod you want to perform will be on here soon!
  Do it Yourself: Frequently asked.. Part 2

Part 2 Suspension
Some question arranged here at the DIY section. We will continue with questions on the suspension! Okay read on...


1) Lowering your car need not cause too much damage to your bank account. All you need is a set of lowering springs and a good mechanic to fit them. You won`t see the massive handling benefits gained from fitting a matched spring and damper kit, but cornering ability will be slightly improved and you`ll get the low look you are after.

2) An up rated lowering-spring kit is an extremely cheap option when lowering your car. There are loads of good quality kits available and most will cost less than the original parts.
Lowering springs can improve handling by reducing the centre of gravity and, thanks to less flex, by reducing yaw when cornering.
However, stiffer uprated springs can overpower a set of old dampers. If your dampers are worn out handling could be destroyed - this would show itself through excessive bounce.
Springs that offer a drop over 40mm can fall out of the spring-cups on full extension, this would be an MOT failure so be conservative on ride height.

3) Lowering springs
Buy progressively wound springs as these offer a smooth ride over flat surfaces and can also cope with big hits and extreme cornering.
Look for springs designed to be used with standard dampers, this will prevent po-go-stick handling and shock damage.
Avoid springs that offer a drop over 40mm, as going lower could cause poor handling, wheel scrub and you may have difficulties passing an MOT.


Improving your car`s handling is an easy job as standard cars are set-up to offer a big compromise between handling and comfort. If comfort is not top of your list, huge gains can be made in the handling department. All you need do is have a set of matched, uprated dampers and lowering springs fitted by a specialist.

2) Matched spring and damper kits can be expensive, but they do offer a massive improvement in handling over standard set-ups.
The springs and dampers in matched kits are developed to work in harmony with each other - maximising both handling and comfort. The ride will be firmer, the chassis will roll less and your car won`t be worried by swift changes in direction.
Top quality kits will come with dampers that carry cutting edge features - such as adjustable damping, enabling you to tune the ride to your liking and reduce bump-scrub.

3) Spring and Damper Kits
Look for kits with progressive springs - these offer an improved ride without compromising handling.
Adjustable shock damping is great for anyone confident enough to play around with the easy to use adjusters. This way you can set the feel just how you like it - from soft to super-firm.
Also look for kits which contain dampers with multi-position spring platforms - this will enable you to tweak the ride height slightly for better handling or stance.


1) There is only one type of kit you should consider if you intend to radically lower your car over big rims - a coil-over kit.
Most coil-over kits offer ride height adjustment of between 20mm and 80mm, so you can dump it for shows and cruises and raise it for day-to-day use.
Shock damping can also be adjusted to help prevent bump-scrub between the arch and the large diameter tyre.

2) Coil-over packages are the only option if you want to get radical with chassis set-up. They are expensive and hard to set-up properly, but the payback for serious modifiers is massive.
On a coil-over kit the dampers run a narrow coil-spring which sits on a threaded platform, this can be wound up and down the damper body to alter the ride height. As a secondary benefit, the narrow spring offers more room right where it is needed - in line with a taller and wider alloy wheel and tyre.
The majority of kits will also have adjustable damping which can be increased as ride height is reduced to prevent bump-scrub.
There can be a few trade offs for all the benefits though. If the shocks are set-up to give a big drop, the short springs can pop out of the top-cups on full shock extension. And ride will be hard - with a capital H.
Some kits come with short, secondary helper springs. These are a great idea because they prevent spring dislocation - but they also reduce the amount the car can be lowered. What choice you make will depend on whether you are brave (no helpers) or sensible (helpers).
Right at the cutting edge you can find kits which offer in-car electronic height adjustment. This enables you to raise or lower the car at a flick of a switch. But be prepared for a shock when it comes to paying the bill.

3) Coil-Over Kits
Look out for kits with helper springs - these kits suffer less from spring dislocation.
Ensure your kit is fitted by a pro - the amount of adjustments which can be made on these kits require a skilled hand and mind.
Shop around and make sure you are paying for what you want. If all you require is a kit that offers a 80mm drop and the clearance for 17/18 inch rims - you need only fit a budget kit. But if you want the former, plus great handling that can be adjusted for both road and track - you need to consider a top-flight road/race spec kit.


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